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Features and advantages of ventilate facade systems Zerringer Zerringer
  Facade Solutions embodies your brilliant ideas into reality! Ventilated Facades ZERRINGER energy efficient, cost effective and easy to install! Facade systems brand ZERRINGER - it's time-tested quality!



Features and advantages

ZERRINGER system solutions represent a set of engineering, computational, design options for creating of the complex facades for the residential complexes, public and administrative buildings. Peculiarity of ZERRINGER facade structures is system approach according to which not only separate facade substructure is created, detached from other construction and building systems, but the approach in which the designing, constructing and calculating of the enclosing building are performed taking into account the strengthening, heat engineering, energy saving, decorative and durability requirements.

ZERRINGER systems have several features:

  • Wide range of facade solutions for the implementation for different types of the buildings: public, administrative, residential.
  • Wide range of applications and ideal solution for any type of facade.
  • Complex solution of the tasks connected with installation of facades: from design and delivery of materials up to ending with the fixing of enclosing systems.
  • Individual approach to each project.
  • Scientific and practical approach to the justification of each stage of facades installation of any difficulties.
  • Facades installation can be implemented at any height according to the structure designing.
  • A wide range of facade materials: HPL panels, aluminum, granite, ceramic tile, decorative brick, limestone, textile facade material; any facade material.

Advantages of using ZERRINGER façade systems and glazing systems:

  1. Gives unlimited design freedom and expression for architects, which allows them to be more competitive in present day of design world.
  2. Allows to use more different facing options: aluminum, composite materials, ceramic tiles, granite, limestone, brick, facade textile and so on as well as to combine them on one façade.
  3. Simplicity in installation – installation of the system within the existing building, thus eliminating of the wood necessity using.
  4. Reduce the thickness of the exterior wall and as a result the number of square meters of retail space and the cost of object implementation are increased.
  5. Achieve significantly higher R-factor and it gives the opportunity to build energy-efficient buildings, which is very important at the current price on electricity.
  6. Reduce the time required for installation.
  7. Need smaller quantity of on-site installers for installing more square meters of facade per day than before.
  8. Gives an opportunity of facade installation 12 months a year. No restrictions due to weather conditions during the winter, rainy season, etc.
  9. Warranty on 50 years.


Description of engineering solutions

  • It’s not necessary to have an array of the main wall for building of the system structure;
  • Installation work can be done from inside the building of the monolith levels. There is no need to use scaffolding systems or swing stages;
  • Using structural framing of TM ZERRINGER and building on its base of complex multi-layer enclosing structure;
  • Opportunity to create an array of the main wall after installing the front system and heat-insulating layer. In turn it makes it possible to reduce the wall thickness, freeing additional area of utility, as well as reduces the load constant which appear because of own weight of the wall material on the building structure;
  • Heat engineering of heat-insulating layer uniformity, lack of cold bridges, which provide high heat engineering features of the facade enclosing structure;
  • Accounting of the temperature deformation of the facade system structure.